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Welcome to the most fun and addictive jump and run game you’ve ever played on your Android device. Kit Jump is a free platformer arcade game in which you get to find the exit point by jumping, running, and most importantly by avoiding falling down or hitting obstacles.

So, if you are into such platformer games and looking for an addictive jump and run game, download Kit Jump for free on your Android device and see how many levels you can finish by just jumping and running.

A side-scrolling platformer game to jump, run and have fun

Kit Jump, the automatic side-scrolling arcade game, is all about jumping and running, and the wide range of available challenges to overcome along with the 3 different levels of difficulties make sure you never get bored or tired and there are always some fresh challenges for you.

No matter you are looking for an addictive jump and run game to have fun with family and friends for hours, or you are looking for an arcade game with fast-paced gameplay to improve your reaction time, Kit Jump has got you covered.

Just give it a try and explore the features for yourself.

Kit Jump main features at a glance:
✅ High-quality graphics with cool sound effects
✅ Easy to learn gameplay
✅ Endless challenges with 3 different levels of difficulty
✅ Fun for all ages
✅ Collect carrots and clear up levels
✅ Free to play

So, download Kit Jump for free on your Android phone or tablet and let us know about any bugs, questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.




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