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👑 Manage your idle fantasy Kingdom. Earn gold, optimize production and fight foes! 🏹
⚔️ Tap! Tap! Kingdom ⚔️ - Idle Clicker Fantasy RPG is an exceptional mixture of top popular incremental games and kingdom builders, all topped with a dynamic tower rush with real-time battles.
🔥🔥🔥 Features 🔥🔥🔥
★ Kingdom Development: Upgrade various buildings, hire workers, unlock the Kingdom Upgrades 🔨
★ Tap! Tap! Mechanics™ : Earn gold and manage your settlement to optimize idle production 👆💰
★ Real-Time Battles: Train army recruits and fight the evil spawns in the strategic Tower Rush Battles 👹 👺 + 🗡️ = 💩
★ Form a Team of 4 heroic Heroes and level them up to unlock powerful spells for each character 💪
★ Adventures: Explore dungeons, meet exceptional NPCs and gain treasure chests with rare equipment 🔍💎
★ Full Story Mode: Play as the witty prince Oscar to take over your lost kingdom 🤩👸
★ Discover multiple maps and adventures on your journey to victory 🌋 🏆
★ No internet connection required

🔥🔥🔥 Future plans and a word from the developer 🔥🔥🔥
★ More graphically unique regions to conquer with new foes, buildings, and items
★ Leaderboards for an extra challenge between players
★ Endless challenges game mode and epic difficulty battles to test your skill in fights
★ Storyline expansions packed with fresh quests to complete

😺 Vixa Games - Made by players 😺
💬 Tap! Tap! Kingdom - Idle Clicker Fantasy RPG is a mobile game we personally felt was missing on the market. We wanted to create a new, extended experience in the so-called clicker games genre. We’re giving players an interesting fusion of casual kingdom-building mechanics and RPG elements. While your empire and heroes grow in strength you can jump into more challenging real-time strategy battles.'
Got questions or feedback❓ Drop us a line:
📧 contact@vixagames.com
🌎 facebook.com/vixagames
✨🌐✨Best from Vixa Games Team! ✨🌐✨



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