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Kenyatta University

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When you come to Kenyatta University(K.U),you discover that you have arrived at a special place.The University’s Main Campus is set on over 1,000 acres with a pleasant and serene surrounding conducive to academic and intellectual growth.
Kenyatta University(K.U) is home to some of the world's top scholars, researchers and experts in diverse fields. We pride ourselves in providing high quality programmes that attract individuals who wish to be globally competitive. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in infrastructure and facilities to offer our students the best experience in quality academic programmes under a nurturing environment in which our students learn and grow.
Kenyatta University(K.U) is one of the leading universities in Kenya judging by the quality of our graduates. Our aim is not only to maintain this position, but to improve further and attain our vision of becoming a world-class university that is committed to quality and relevance.
What gives graduates of Kenyatta University(K.U) a cutting edge over their peers is the University’s emphasis on practical hands-on knowledge and the skills training imparted to its students. Towards this noble end, Kenyatta University(K.U) has established meaningful links with industrial partners, who guide the University on practical, professional requirements which need to be built into programmes at Kenyatta University(K.U).
Main attractions:
 Student portal
 Online support
 Student online services
 Faculty portal
 E-learning portal
 Survey
 Buy all you need in comrades shop

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Nice app very fast, everything in one place


Very nice app,very fast easy to navigate through and has the student portal making it easy to find my portal.That shop hope it's student friendly


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