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UVideo is the best emotional status community in India🇮🇳 Explore, Create, Download and Share, satisfying all your needs for WhatsApp status!

UVideo brings you all kinds of video status for WhatsApp based on your emotions such as Love💕, Sad😭, Music🎵, Heartbreak💔, Motivation💪, Family👪, Friendship👬 and more. You can download video status for WhatsApp in high quality for free, and share it with your friends and family.

UVideo also provides you the best features for WhatsApp. Such as Friends Status- keep you stay updated on your friend's status; MV status Maker- provide you with the easiest tool to create splendid video status for WhatsApp. Both take you very little mobile data, the more features but the less mobile data cost.

Uvideo helps you to save your mobile data daily, reduce your mobile recharge cost monthly, watch and download videos with high speed but less data usage, also, Uvideo helps you save mobile data and mobile recharge during watching, sharing, downloading a video.

Uvideo can set preferred status music as ringtone. Eg. Telugu,Tamil, Hindi, Punjabi songs, etc. you can set a ringtone within 3 seconds.

Also, Uvideo provides you the popular small games like FLAMES test, your lover test, and updates other games weekly.

UVideo Key Features:

💕A vast content library of unlimited video status for WhatsApp
Various popular contents: Love, Breakup, Sad, Emotional, Motivational, Romantic, Shayari’s, Lyrical songs, Festival, Sweet, Couple, Inspirational, Holidays, wishes, Dialogue, sexy/ love video song, tik tok video status/ comedy, sad video status, mp3 Gana video status, etc. Do these many videos take your more data? No, we promise you very less data for each video

Friend’s Status- get the latest status of your friends automatically
Help save your friends’ WhatsApp status automatically in real-time for FREE with unlimited online storage, and you can choose to share that status in UVideo or on other social media platforms as well. This will not occupy any storage on your phone, you can browse your friends’ WhatsApp status anytime and anywhere.

MV Status Maker, Best and Simple
With MV Status Maker, you can create your own video status for WhatsApp with only 3 steps!
①Choose a template
②Add your own images or VIDEOS!
③Select music or dialogue, and don’t forget to try Lyrics or random Quotes!
We provide templates in Love, Sad, Music, Dialogue, Motivational, Festival, holidays, Emotions, etc. Attention is this making process only takes little mobile data

🇮🇳Various languages available to serve best contents
We provide content in various Indian languages: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Bengali, Malayalam, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Urdu, English. You can easily find good video status for WhatsApp in your own languages

⏬Download free unlimited video status for WhatsApp
You can download anywhere even with a low internet connection anytime for free unlimited trending video status for WhatsApp, it takes very less mobile data, which is one of Uvideo greatest strengths to help you save your mobile recharge.

📷Fabulous image status for WhatsApp
Support images with an extensive library so you can share your emotions with images as well, this image takes very less mobile data, Share your story with an image now.

🚩Personalized recommendation of popular video status
We recommend your video status that shares your interest, exclusively based on what you like with the highest available quality.

Uvideo is recruiting VIP users! if you are an expert in video status for WhatsApp, please apply via WA!

If you meet any problems while using our app, contact us!
Email: uvideoindia@gmail.com
WhatsApp: 917796478597



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