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If you like match 3 puzzles and wildlife creatures, explore the fauna and flora of the mini animals world, play 200 levels of relaxing match-3 puzzles, and collect all the creatures from five unique wildscapes: the temperate forest, the arid savanna, the misty swamps, the frozen boreal forest and the tropical jungle. Find them all and help them reach five stars, their full potential!.

Swipe, match and collect fruits, berries, nuts, flowers, seeds, leaves and many other special things from the wonderful land of the mini animals. Win a magic coin with every match you make, and use them to buy packs with creatures to expand your animal family.

Wildlife species from all over the planet Earth are present: sloths, macaws or tamarins from the Amazon jungle, lemurs from Madagascar, zebras and cheetahs from the African savanna, or orangutans from Borneo and Sumatra are only a few examples. Besides these friendly critters, farm animals like horses or goats, and pets like guinea pigs, cats and dogs live here like best friends.

Siris, the mini animals wonderland, is inhabited by intelligent beings too. Felix, a cool sapient lynx, will welcome you, but you can find more playing the game. Most of the sapients, as they call themselves, don’t really need to dress with their nice furs, colorful feathers or shiny scales, but they like to wear special costumes that sometimes give them extra abilities or attributes. They are hard to find, tough, as they are usually available only during limited time events like Christmas, Lunar New Year or Halloween between others.

There is no big hunter or prey here, so mixing big bears and brave little rabbits in your team is no problem at all, they get all their mana needs from matching and crashing magical stones, so they live peacefully and in harmony.

There are three difficulty levels for each scenario and several game modes. You will have to master your mini pets abilities to beat the most challenging puzzles. Each mini animal has one or two tricks or special powers, that they can improve using some of the objects that you gather during the game.

If you are looking for free games without internet connection or animal games without wifi, MiniAnimals allows you to play offline, although it is recommended to connect to keep your progress safe in the cloud and be able to access the global leaderboards.

MiniAnimals Match3 Puzzle Adventures is a free connect three game but some optional in-game items will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings. There are few and optional ads that you can use if you want to get extra energy or extra free packs.

We'd be happy to answer any of your questions or hear suggestions to improve the game. Feel free to email us at If you like it, please review and rate it to help us grow and become one of the best match3 games.

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