Spartacus Gladiator: Roman Arena Hero Clash

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Spartacus Gladiator: Roman Arena Hero Clash

Show your skills and defeat all other gladiators.

Here you are Spartacus, in Roman Empire's gladiator arena. You will be facing very dangerous enemy warriors and gladiators using different Roman age axes, daggers, swords and shields. Spartacus will be fighting different warriors with different skills and swords at 18 arenas. Show no mercy otherwise, you will be slaughtered by ferocious gladiators.

Every level has some items to recover health or gain some ability or stamina. Especially when you lose your health energy, try to find "health item" immediately. It has vital importance for your survival in the Roman Empire gladiator arena. Otherwise following last sword attack, Spartacus will lose the gladiator battle, fame and glory.

When you click on pause button, you will see 3 buttons on the screen.
1 - Home button: There you can quit level.
2 - Weapon button: There you can pick up some battle swords, axe and shields to use at the battle fields and you can easily change them by clicking right or left rotate buttons. 3 3- Item button: There you will see and choose some items to use or drop.

With this melee combat game, you have a starting point to become fearless gladiator spartacus in roman arena. Different point of views of 3rd Person Game, RPG, Action-Adventure, 2.5D Platform, Isometric, Topdown, etc. Your call, your game, your war.

Features >
- Rigidbody, root motion and non-root motion controller
- Advanced Enemy AI
- Enemy VS Enemy & Companion AI
- Waypoint System
- Lock-on Target



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