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Trivia Quiz Deluxe

发行商: Lagom
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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Trivia Quiz Deluxe a multiple choice quiz game where you can put your knowledge to the test, and learn exciting new things along the way. While playing you can also enjoy beautiful looking background images as well as calm and relaxing ambient sounds like birds chirping, wind, waterfall, ocean etc. sounds are relevant to the active level’s background

This game include questions from sports, general knowledge, science, movies, manga and much more all in one place

The game starts with 10 lives, all questions must be answered and if you make a mistake you will lose only one life so you can keep going and pick the right answers, which means if you don’t know the answer to a question you will definitely find out. Lives refill over time

The game has a streak counter which keeps track of your highest streak for the active level, the streak level is used to calculate your level's XP points. The game will use your highest streak of the level and not your current streak for the points system so you don’t have to worry about getting a low score if you lost your streak at the end of the round.
Wrong answers do impact on your final level score

You can use the 50/50 button (cost 1 gem) to remove half the current question options, thus increasing your chances of getting the right answer and not losing your streak

Your global highest score will be used to compete in the global Leaderboards
If you run out of lives you can always refill them with 200 coins or wait for the timer to auto refill your lives, coins and gems are earned by completing levels.

This is a free to play game and thus rely on ads, you can get rid of these ads by making any purchase in the game shop. Remember you can always watch ads for more coin and gem rewards (rewarded video ads are located in the shop menu)

More and more levels are added to the game in game updates so do check for updates occasionally


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