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Badminton Umpire Pro

发行商: Lahiru
价格: 2.36 USD


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Badminton Umpire Score Keeper helps you umpire a badminton match very easily and accurately. You barely need to remember the scores of the match. App will provide you what you have to speak out after each point. All you need to do is enter the point to the correct side when a point is scored. This will remove the burden of remembering the score each time a long rally is played or after an interval when you are doing the umpiring of a badminton match.

* Intuitive user friendly interface
* Badminton World Federation (BWF) compliant scoring system
* Clearly visualize which player is in which side of the court
* Easily setup a match. Easily rearrange the players in the court
* Provides you the accurate BWF standard announcement after each point
* Undo if you entered a point incorrectly
* Live score feed. View live scores from anywhere in the world. (Useful as an external display as well)
* Supports team and individual tournaments
* Interval timekeeping
* Injury timekeeping
* Generate PDF score sheets
* Ability to give misconduct warnings, faults and disqualifications
* Beep or vibrate to notify you that point is added
* History of results of badminton matches you umpired
* Facility to change number of games per match, points per game, etc.
* Maintain a list of players so you can easily select them when starting a new match
* Visualize how each player scored points in a line graph
* Share scores on various social media, google drive, etc.
* Optional warm up timer before match starts
* Shuttle count management
* Ads free
* Match summary after finishing the match, including each game start, end times, total duration, etc.

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1. In the initial screen, click button "Singles" to umpire a singles match, "Doubles" to umpire a doubles match
2. In the screen that appears, there is a diagram of a badminton court. Think this is how the real court displays in front of you when you are umpiring. Then enter the player names in each side of court in text boxes on the court. You can change the player sides easily using red icons on the court diagram.
3. Select the serving side from the radio buttons.
4. Click "Start Match" to start badminton match.
5. Next screen that appears is the scoring screen. There is a diagram of the court that represents the actual view of the badminton court and current serving side is highlighted in red. There are big +1 buttons in each side of the court, which you can press to add a point to each side.
6. When you enter points to each side, match score will be shown in the top of the screen and the score you have to announce is shown in the bottom.

How to setup a remote display

1. Download below windows application (A zip file in google drive) to a PC. The PC should be in the same Wi-Fi network as the android device.

2. Extract downloaded zip file and run BadmintonScoreDisplay.exe

3. In Badminton umpire android app, you can see the IP address of the android device under Score Server in main screen. Enter this IP address in the text box of windows application and press enter.

4. If windows application successfully connected to android device, it will show the scores in a full screen display.

5. Press 'q' to quit the full screen display


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