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Trolling your friends in Minecraft game!!!
This skin pack mod adds in your skin that change colours depending on their surroundings. It changes the default your skin texture to the texture of the block it is standing on. It supports almost all Minecraft blocks and animatronic skins. As this is a client-only mod it can even be used on non-modded servers and superhero skins.
No need to travel to a galaxy far, far away to add a new look to your adventures – they’re available in the Minecraft today!
Camouflage skins for Minecraft has a catalogue of skins and capes for you to choose from: girls skins, boys skins, mob skins... and a lot of new characters from games, movies and cartoons.
This pack will give you a herobrine skins suitable for every adventure!

More than 1000 best skins offline; Skins search; Complete instructions to install; Skins easily download; Update new anime skins every week; All skins for free!
This skin pack is compatible all mods, addons, maps, updates and multiplayer for minecraft.

Tutorial how to change Minecraft skin you will find inside the application!
*This is not an official Minecraft product, and is NOT affiliated with Mojang AB in any way. All Minecraft brands are property of Mojang AB. Consult the appropriate usage guidelines at

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