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Learning Nepalese is designed to help learn and speak Nepalese in a fun way. It helps travelers, businessmen, educators, and others to communicate for basic common things in Nepal. Whether you are in the market, food court, shopping center, tourist area or with friends where Nepalese is commonly spoken, this app will come in very handy.
Use Learn Nepalese when traveling and you will be amazed how on how fast you can create rapport

Learning the Nepalese application includes all the words and phrases right in the application, so no internet connection is required. It's great for travelers. Just take your iPhone and Learn Nepalese with you, you'll know how to get around anywhere in Nepal without any fear of not understanding Nepalese. Extras section includes extra day to day words. There are more than 100 quick look words in this section, so you can browse and learn words faster. With more than 300 words, more than 100 full conversational style sentences complete with native Nepalese sounds, you will have enough to make your stay in Nepal more memorable than ever.

Future updates will include more words and phrases, information on how to remember, optimized sounds, more categories e.t.c

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