Douglas Community School

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About the School

Douglas Community School offers your son an excellent education in a safe and secure suburban school environment

Regular Communication with Parents

At Douglas we are committed to involving parents in their son’s education. We use a variety of methods to maintain contact with the home including each student’s journal, regular reports on continuous assessment, term reports, parent/teacher meetings, other general information meetings and informal school events.

Committed staff

Excellent teaching and results

Class tutor for each student

Broad curriculum with all subjects at higher level

Continuous assessment of student progress

Supervised after-school study

Regular communication with parents

Clear disciplinary procedures applied justly

Active policy on bullying

Comprehensive pastoral care system

Strict school uniform policy

First class school facilities

Wide range of sports and extracurricular activities

Supervised lunch break

Douglas Community School is an all boys post-primary school.

DCS provides a wide range of subjects at honours level to secondary students and also adult and community programmes. Our first class facilities, educational, recreational and sporting, are much used by the wider community.

Board of Management

Douglas is managed by a Board of Management whose members represent our trustees, parents and teachers.



Bishop’s representatives (Trustees)

Local representatives (Trustees)

Principal (Secretary to Board of Management)

School Organisation

The Principal is responsible for the general direction and management of the school. He is assisted in this role by the Deputy Principal. Each year group has a Year Head responsible for the day to day organisation of the group. Each class has a Class Tutor who takes particular care of the students of that class. We have a guidance counsellor, chaplain and pastoral care team who offer support and encouragement to students experiencing difficulties.

School commences at 8.40 a.m. and classes commence at 8.45 a.m. Students remain in school all day with a fifteen minute morning break and a thirty minute lunch break. Classes finish at 3.30 p.m. each day, except on Wednesday when they conclude at 1.00 p.m. to allow for games. Students are supervised by teaching staff during all breaks.

Our History

Douglas Community School was founded by the Presentation Brothers almost forty years ago as Coláiste Muire (Presentation Brothers College). Today the school continues to follow the tradition of providing Christian education for boys, pioneered by Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice.

DCS became one of the first Community Schools when the Presentation Order passed on the management of the school to the local community in 1974.

The school has prospered over the years growing in student numbers and reputation.

1926 Coláiste Muire (Presentation Brothers Juniorate)

1965 Coláiste Muire (Presentation Brothers College)

1974 Douglas Community School

1997 Douglas area is the fastest growing suburb of Cork with a strong local economy. The South City Ring Road gives easy access to the school.


Douglas has one of the widest choices of subjects in any school in the country. We have also pioneered many educational initiatives. These include Transition Year, Civic Social and Political Education, Engineering, Computer Studies and Enterprise Education, Leaving Certificate Applied Programme and Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme.



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