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Introductory Special - 40% OFF

The extremely popular price-per-drop calculator is finally on Android!

Ditch the bulky price-per-drop spreadsheets and take the guesswork out of pricing recipes, and simplify doing your taxes! This simple and powerful calculation tool helps Young Living business builders estimate costs for recipes, donations, and samples. Quickly and professionally create an invoice for a customer, or send a copy to yourself to file for tax purposes. This app is a perfect companion for make-and-takes, vendor shows, and calculating the cost for a recipe you are creating.

Use the settings to easily personalize your data, by choosing wholesale or retail cost, and setting your tax rate, cost of labor, and cost of materials. You can manage your personal inventory to easily filter only the oils in your collection. Whenever you get new oils, simply update your personal inventory and you are ready to whip up your next recipe.
Plans for expansion of this app are already in place. Don’t wait! Purchase the app at the launch rate and enjoy all the future features without having to pay full price.

Although every YLEO drop is priceless, quit guessing what you should charge and what you’ve given out as samples. This simple price per drop calculator will help you estimate the cost of the recipes you’ve created and share invoices with your customers. The cost of sending out samples can add up fast and is a pain to keep track of. Send yourself an invoice for each sample you send out and keep it to make your year-end taxes easier.

This app guides you through five simple steps
1. Select the oils in your recipe
2. Select the number of drops
3. Add any other charges
4. Hit total
5. Send your customer a receipt or save one for your records

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