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Lingumi 幼儿英语- 宝宝学习app

发行商: Lingumi
价格: 免费


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Playful English learning for 2-6 year old kids, with guaranteed results. Join the pre-school English learning family now! 👍

Founded by English teacher and Oxford University languages graduate Toby Mather, Lingumi is the most fun, effective, and affordable way for your child to learn to speak and understand English at home.

Teaching English to kids around the world in classrooms, Toby became frustrated that there was no easy and effective way for children to begin English before they reached primary school. Now, our award-winning team of designers, programmers, and linguists is making that possible for you and your child.

Our mission at Lingumi is to make English learning fun, affordable and effective for the next 500 million young learners. And we even guarantee progress: within 3 months, your child will have learned more than 120 words, understand questions, be able to speak short sentences in English.

- Try it free: Play 5 free lessons with your child and become part of our global learning family
- Playful: Hundreds of playful English learning games for kids
- Scientific: Curriculum developed by our head of Curriculum, Dr Dara Jokilehto, PhD (Linguistics)
- Guaranteed learning success: we’ll explain what your child will learn, and approximately how long it will take
- Screen-time cap: We only open one new 10-minute English lesson per day so that your child does not spend too much time in front of a screen

Why should my child learn English before 6 years old?
2 - 6 years is the best age for children to learn a new language. We call it the ""magic window"", and academics call it the ‘critical period’. It’s a time when children can naturally absorb their mother tongue, as well as a second language, naturally. As we grow older, learning languages gets harder and harder. Our Curriculum is designed to follow the way children naturally learn their mother tongue, teaching English visually and playfully.

We offer a free trial, so you can test Lingumi to see if it’s right for you and your child. After the free trial, we offer a subscription: it’s 90% cheaper than language classes with a teacher, and helps us to continue our research and development, and keep improving Lingumi for you. We try to keep the price as low as possible because we think English learning should be accessible to everyone, not just the rich. Most of all, we care about playful, successful learning.


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1282 条评价

我女兒3歲半每天早上起床都有眼睛睜不開的問題,但只要一跟她說來看lingumi 囉!立馬睜開眼坐起來,她對於這個互動軟體很滿意,可以手動也能跟著發音,成效很好。也非常感謝Ashley 非常有耐心的指導與回覆我的疑問,謝謝你!!










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