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This is not free books and also book without audio, this is an illustrated book, told in metaphors. Read it, feel it with your heart. Motivational & also Inspirational start to understand the path to healing can change your life

This book is about Rose's coming of age journey. She travels alone, venturing into the unknown forest meeting challenges along the way. She experiences heartbreak but recovers and is finally able to leave the forest.

The book of Rose's journey touches on how we are able to love, to feel heartbreak and hopelessness, and through it have the power to heal and feel hope again. When love is lost, it’s okay to be vulnerable; it’s okay not to be strong. Because sadness is evidence that you let yourself love.

“If there is only one path to healing, and it’s to walk bare-foot across a field of thumb tacks, I will be brave. I won’t die, and my feet will heal, just like my heart will…”

As for how long it is before I can stand up and try again, it is up to me to decide. After all, this is only a small part of life.

To love, to walk away, to grieve, to be reluctant, to fear, hurt, be numb, to let go, face yourself, free yourself to be saved, and finally to stand up again.



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