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Emotional intelligence

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"The world's first app designed to develop emotional intelligence and EQ level improvement.

Intended for the formation of a sustainable skill in the user:

- managing own emotions
- ability to produce your own desired resource emotional states
- influence the emotions of other people.

Consists of seven sections:

1) theoretical part - reveals the essence and meaning of emotional intelligence, provides a scientific analysis for its main aspects and spheres of influence
2) practical part - allows you to master the technology of changing your own and other people's emotional states; includes the world's best techniques and exercises, adapted to a structural and systemic format of prompt, easy and simple practice, memorizing, and assimilating
3) individual program - generates a unique step-by-step algorithm for each user via the application
4) EQ test - determines the level of emotional intelligence
5) emotions indicator - trains the skill of recognizing a variety of emotions and feelings
6) involvement scale - develops the ability to control the intensity of experienced states
7) Emotions Diary - allows you to keep track of emotions and their causes, trace the dynamics of your own learning and determine markers of future growth.
8) Section ""What is happening"" - creates an information base for analyzing the conditions for the emergence of specific emotions;
9) Library - contains a lot of additional valuable cognitive information about the emotional life of a person.

The ability to feel and express emotions in relationships with the world, ourselves and people is inherent in the nature of human existence. However, the system of classical upbringing and education is focused only on the development of mental and cognitive abilities through the acquisition and use of information knowledge, i.e. the formation of IQ.

Teaching socially acceptable and internal resource emotions, on the contrary, is an innovative educational methodology designed to form a knowledge bank about the emotional life of an individual and foster skills for using it, namely, to switch, feel and express exactly that emotion that is the most socially acceptable and adaptive, i.e. EQ formation.

Regular and proper use of the application will result in increased personal effectiveness in all spheres of life:

- better romantic and family relationships
- rapid career growth and business development
- opening the way to big money and material well-being
- success and feeling of happiness
- significant acceleration in achieving goals and getting what you desire

Application features:

- all important information about emotional intelligence in one place
- intuitive algorithms for user interaction
- user-friendly interface
- convenient multifunctional player for audio and textual information presentation."


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