Lollipop Candy 2020: Match 3 Games & Lollipops

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Start exploring your sweet candy adventure today, match yummy candies🍭 to win cool rewards🎁 and boosters. Play Lollipop Candy 2020: Match 3 Games & Lollipops and explore thousands of levels filled with fun adventure, magic candy and plenty of puzzle games for free to satisfy your ice cream sweet sugar crush in candy wonderland.

🍬 Lollipop Candy 2020: Match 3 Games & Lollipops Features 🍭
New match 3 games with over 500 tasty candy levels.
Colorful and fun adventure, genies and gems for best candy games.
Stunning music and sound effects.
New match 3 magic candy adventures, yummy candies, chocolate, ice cream, sugar crush, cake.
Play anywhere and anytime this new candy games!
Free offline games for free, no internet required & Wifi games.
Best new games 2020 for kids and adults & is the best puzzle games for free

🎮 How to Play Match 3 Games?! 🎉
Swap and match more than 3 identical candies, five in a row for special candy magic.
Make special magic candy to burst various kandy barriers.
Collect the yummy snacks in sweet candy levels.
Avoid obstacles: Chocolate, Ice Cream, Cake, Lollipops, toffee, candy stand, jelly splash, popjam, kandy, sugar crush
Get enough candies to win the puzzle games for free
Play daily to receive free coins & tasty candy bonuses
Spin the Lucky Wheel for delicious candy boosters, genies and gems
Offline games for free, no internet required & Wifi games.

🎁 Join the fun adventure 🎀
Lollipop Candy needs you to explore the tasty candy. Swap and match jelly, cake, fruit and candy of candy mania farms to fill your chest with gold and save candies, fruits and jellies, genies and gems of puzzle games in new games 2020.

Travel across candy wonderland, discover all fun candy puzzle adventures, candy mania quests: Win puzzles to own candies you’ll find in kandy maps, forests, use powerbomb to blast & splash all levels of candy wonderland. Join the prince in this candy adventure saga to free the yummy candies. Swap and match the best fruit and candy game, but be aware of obstacles such as cake, ice cream, jelly splash, popjam and chocolate and blast and splash thousands of yummy candies, sugar crush to rescue the cute and delicious garden of candy wonderland. Unlock kandy boosters that will help you beat all the challenges and win levels in candy games

🎮 Play with friends 🎮
Offline games for free and new games 2020 to challenge your friends in fun adventure. Challenge and defeat your friends by sharing your sweet candy mania cake in this new match 3 games for adults! Visit the kandy farms of your buddies and compete against them! Only the best one can reach the top of the ranking!

Lead your way up in this free offline games for free to conquer all kandy farms. Start your sweet candy adventure, go up your puzzle games rank by exploiting fruits and chocolate to rescue candies, genies and gems. Swap and match overcoming challenges and cultivating more assets for your empire in this addictive saga. Combine sweet fruits, delicious sweets, ice cream, gummy jelly and sparkling diamonds and gems, form powerbomb & fill your chest with candy mania!

🎉 Game for the family🎉
Colorful and cheerful fun candy games, full of tasty candy effects making it best new games 2020. Easy to play adults and children will enjoy playing! Adventures, sagas puzzles, sugar crush and quests for boys and girls and adults!

Get Lollipop Candy best new games 2020 now from Google Play ONLY IF YOU LOVE free offline games for free! Enjoy best free match 3 games straight on your Android device today. This game is seriously fun, best new games and we can’t promise you will not fall in love with delicious tasty candy adventure.

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