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Bride of the Twilight: Vampire Otome Romance Game

发行商: Lumiere Entertainment Inc.
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When the moon is cast in shadow, the fantasy will BEGIN

Lucy works with her father as an apprentice vampire hunter.
One night, she spots people heading to the forest as if they were possessed. Lucy remembers the rumor about the women of the village disappearing and starts following them until she enters the old castle’s door right outside the forest…….
The place was full of bloodthirsty vampires.
Surprisingly, some vampires lend a helping hand to Lucy whose life is in danger.
Trapped in Feste Castle, Lucy is drawn into a fateful event, without knowing the vampires’ true motives…….

"Before the full moon, I will make you mine no matter the cost."
The night when the curse is at its weakest, someone must capture her heart…….

Make your own history in Bride of the Twilight!

▷Xion Crowld
The ruler of the Feste Castle.
He stays in the innermost room on the top floor within the castle.
He's from the highest noble house, which explains his innate dignity and gracefulness.
He is a gentleman, but one can rarely read his emotions.

▷Jade Wellua
A noble from a small aristocratic family, the Crowlds.
He has quite a huge influence within the castle due to his family's reputation.
He stays in the largest room among the lower floors of the castle.
Born into an artist family, he has genius painting skills.
He is moody in nature.

▷Lagen Klein
The leader of the vampires who resist the ruling class in Feste Castle.
He has considerable support within the Resistance.
He has a small room in the basement of the castle, and mainly stays in the hideout of Widerstand.
He is from the knight serving the nobility.
He is usually broad-minded, but tends to act cautiously.

A faithful butler who protects Xion's side.
He is mostly next to Xion, but his room is somewhere downstairs.
Sometimes he acts excessively when working what has been assigned to him.
He pretends to be kind, but his specialty is to spit out harsh words while smiling.
Since he finds castle life boring and unimaginative,
he usually wanders around the castle and talks to people.


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