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This universal application controls every device connected to your local network. It is a generic remote controller for your smartphone which sends and reads strings over a tcp/udp socket or queries http interfaces. You can easily communicate with micro controllers connected to your LAN (for example AVR-Board, Arduino Board, HomeVision, Fhem, reembox, raspberry pi (e.g. gpio), beaglebone (beagle board), TI Launchpad, tinkerforge, gnublin, electric imp, self made hardware / microcontroller, simply all your DIY projects ) or with other computer software (for example multimedia software like XBMC ).
Control your RFM12 power outlets, infrared devices or read sensor data like temperature.. there are endless possibilities for house and home automation! Check out the project page on our website to get inspired! Works also for many projects in the "internet of things'.

Build your own remote control ( HMI ) with the online editor on my website without knowing how to create android applications.

- generic view rendering (button, slider, label, switch) for your DIY projects
- sending, receiving data over TCP sockets (like Telnet or Netcat)
- communication through local or mobile network (3g)
- use custom icons stored on SD card
- reconnect after connection errors
- support for multiple receivers
- send requests continuously while holding down a button
- display responses on labels every X miliseconds (interval updates)
- utf-8 support

It's time for an update! Thanks again for your feedback - it makes the NetIO app even more awesome! 

- redesigned and more customisation options 
- now supports HTTPS and Basic Auth HTTPS connections 
- supports UDP connections 
- event-based global response listening, set multiple items with one response 
- improved connection handling by adding a configurable command termination character for responses 
- Calculations, transform incoming data into valuable numbers (check documentation) 
- advanced runtime formatting possibilities (setting colours, images and icons) 
- Slider: adding step and reset attributes 
- several bugfixes

Important: This application needs some hardware or software to connect to. Without such a thing nothing will happen! Please contact me if you have any problems!

More information and configuration instructions are available at . There is also a demo video, which shows a working scenario where you can control IR devices and some power connectors.
(Demo )

If there are any problems please write a mail!

This app has been written by Jonas Eickhoff.

isles plug telnet


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