Diy Slime Maker Makeup Fluffy Slime Simulator Game

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Have you tried fluffy slime making at home? If your answer is no! Welcome to slime makeover game! This super slime squishy will teach you that how to make squishy slime and how to make makeup slime without glue and borax.
If you want become a diy slime squishy maker then don’t worry this “super slime maker – color slime makeover game” recommended you because this will teach you how to make stretch jelly toy. Slime making without borax is very simple. Mixing makeup into clear slime is a new trend for slimers. Make slime diy jelly toy with your own ideas if you failed don’t worry this game work like diy slime factory with different methods. Slime making isn’t hard work neither easy but ASMR slime is some easy to making. This app is a slime simulator game 2020. Play and enjoy most satisfying & relaxing slime.

Method #1: Pour hand soap & sugar into plate. Mix it well with spoon and put it into freezer after some hours you will get crazy fluffy slime.
Method #2: Pour sugar, hand soap & toothpaste into plate. After mixing all ingredients and freeze it. Wow diy jelly toy squishy slime is ready to stretch.
Method #3: Add some shampoo and sugar into bowl. Mix it, freeze after 2 days you will play with clear slime.
Method #4: Mix glue and sugar and freeze it. Wait and enjoy diy fluffy slime.
Method #5: Add these items into the bowl, Sugar, Form, Glue and Color. Make mixture of this and play with makeup slime colored.

Learn that how to make slime?
Slime making with different methods.
Enjoy with your hobby.
Share your slime maker experience with friends.
Listen amazing sounds.
Attractive and amazing graphics, Smooth control.



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