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The Chase

发行商: Mad Hook
价格: 免费


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The Chase 🚘🚔🚨

The ultimate chasing thrill ever and the best game of 2020 with eastern culture, characters and environments 🎉🎉🎉.

Pick one of our awesome lovely characters, your favorite car and choose any of our localized maps to experience the best chasing experience ever, where your character will get into his car and escape from the cops or run on his feet from them when his car gets damaged, you can also destroy your targets and unlock new levels, environments, cars and characters.

🔥 The Chase has a very unique gameplay experience and thrill that no game in the world can give it to you 🔥

In The Chase we are trying to offer you the most entertaining gameplay environment with our huge collection of friendly characters and different play modes to satisfy all tastes and all cultures.

You can play The Chase in two different ways:
- The first way play the endless mode where nothing will limit your chasing thrill and you can keep escaping from the cope the whole day and keep destroying everything on your way to beat your highest scores 😏😎😴
- The second way: enjoying the awesome missions that we carefully crafted them for you guys 😍🥰,and destroy your targets to complete you missions and unlock new levels 💪💪💪

Important to Know 🕊👼🕊
“The Chase is a casual game that's mainly focusing on the entertainment factor and It does not carry any racist orientations of any race or religion, we are an Arabian game development studio and all what we are trying to do here is represent this funny to play gameplay mechanics in an Arabian style and theme”

NOTES: This game is free to play and it also has In-App-Purchases to buy some unique fancy items.

The Chase Key FEATURES 🤩😎
- Huge collection of Awesome Characters and Cars
- Next-Gen Graphics with optional HD mode for high-end devices
- Nice Visual Effects
- Power-ups
- Destroying The Environment Elements
- Destroying The Cop Cars
- The Player Get Out Of The Car When It’s Get Destroy
- Smart Scoring System Based On Your Skills

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Thanks for being part of our Journey 😍🥰


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