Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game

发行商: Manalot Games
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Get fun with exciting simulation farming game! Harvest crops and fruits to keep your barn plentiful! Buy and construct various farm buildings to start new production and provide a huge variety of manufactured goods.

Do not forget to invite friends because neighbors’ help makes farming more pleasant. Trade with your friends in co-ops and compete with other neighborships to be the best farmer! Expand your farm and improve the beautiful garden to make your village prosperous! Regular events and challenges will make your farm story really exciting!

Create your nice lucky village story with a great family atmosphere! Build your own paradise household. Enjoy your excellent sunny and happy hay days on your township. Explore the mine to get resources to improve production! Сomplete exciting ship orders in a paradise bay, trade items and earn coins to make your farm bigger and more beautiful!

Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game features:
- Various crops and fruits to harvest
- Cute animals to get nice products
- Different farm buildings to make great recipes
- Market stand, ship and order board to trade and earn coins to expand your farm
- Many interesting farming quests and challenging orders
- Regular in-game events
- Fishing to get fish and make delicious fish recipes
- Nice decorations to make the farm more beautiful

- Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game is free to download and free to play, however
some in-game items can be purchased for real money.
- The game requires an active internet connection to play.
- Sunny Farm: Adventure and Farming game is a standalone game and will not synchronize
or connect to the Facebook version of the game.



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