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Mandee Online App - Download the app for B2B food commodity buying and selling

Buying food commodities in Bulk/Wholesale with Mandee App is very easy as you get to place an order using your phone/tablet at the comfort of your shop or home and get the products delivered at your shopfront. By downloading the Free Mandee B2B app on your Android phone or tablet, you can effortlessly browse through our list of products ranging from pulses and cereals to rice and spices.

The products you can find on Mandee App are: 📱

• Rice
• Dal
• Pulses
• Grains
• Spices
• Flours
• Dry Fruits and Nuts
• Sooji
• Sugar
• Salt
• Jaggery
• Noodles
• Vermicelli

And many more … !

Install Mandee app for unique benefits

Simply download the Free Android app on your device (phone or tablet) and create an account by registering with your name and phone number. You will be taken to a screen to upload your ID Proof and Address Proof for business verification.

After the account approval, you can start placing the orders.

1. Easily type in the product you are looking for in the ‘Search’ tab and find it instantly or find it by navigating through the category section
2. Narrow down your search using filters like price to find your desired product
3. You can also add products to your Wishlist with a single tap
4. To place the order, choose among easy payment options or the credit limit already available
5. Track your orders inside the app, get notifications on offers, order status and upcoming schemes

You can contact our customer support for any product or delivery related issues. Download the Mandee App now and start shopping!

Buyer 🚛
Do you buy food & commodity for your business?

Are you an owner of a kirana store (maligai kadai), supermarket, departmental store or modern trade outlet? Do you run a restaurant, hotel or catering business?

Purchasing inventory for your daily sale/usage just became easy!

- Order from your smartphone/computer
- Choose from a range of products with different price points and variety of pack sizes
- Negotiate for best price
- Enjoy credit facilities at par with the market
- Get delivery at your doorstep

Seller 🏭
Are you a manufacturer, processor, miller, trader or farmer of food commodities such as cereals, pulses, dry fruits, flours, spices, sugar, salt, etc?

With just one platform, you can sell your products to any number of buyers. Manufacturers, processors and millers can also purchase their raw materials on this platform.

Get on-board Mandee and enjoy a consistent, growing business!

The Mandee Advantage 💪
✅ Revolutionary Concept - Transforming an age-old industry using inspiring ideas, business expertise and technical know-how.

✅ Commodity Freeway - Connects farmers, traders, manufacturers, distributors and retailers on a single platform.

✅ High Tech Platform - A system developed with the latest technology that solves the pain points of various stakeholders.

✅ Growth Generator - Generates growth by creating consistent demand. The USPs such as Best Price, Unmatched Quality and Convenience assures growth for all the stakeholders.

The Mandee Pedigree ⭐️
Mandee’s founders have established multiple businesses, and have a collective experience of 30 years in the food and commodity industry. Jeyyam foods, a business built and run by the same founders, is a pulses manufacturing business having its own sourcing and distribution capabilities.

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