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Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021

发行商: Saozer
价格: 免费


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Mariym Horror Game : Returnees 2021 simulates the story of a mysterious girl who lives in an unknown conflict between reality and a terrifying fantasy, and you must help her to discover hidden secrets, navigate between time and discover the secrets of the horror of the returnees.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 is inspired by a group of true stories that people have transmitted with caution, telling about the mysteries and secrets that lived in the eighteenth century and reappeared in the year 2021 with a series of events that have a deep relationship with frightening ghosts and mysterious characters in a fun and interesting story in which you live. You are the starring role She helps Mary to control the course of events, but be careful, once you agree to help the girl, you cannot stop until she is rescued out of darkness into the light.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 An interesting game that will take your breath away and take you to strange worlds with interesting events that escalate as you progress in the stages more.

The game is terrifying and will make you build a strong relationship with the characters, but you have to pay attention so that your emotions are not manipulated, as you do not know the truth behind the characters of the story and do not rush to judgments, as you do not know who is sincere.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 will give you a new experience in this kind of games, puzzles, and horror. You will think a lot before you turn off the light or stay alone at home. What before you know Mary is not like what comes after her.

To play this type of game, you must be brave and not be afraid of darkness, ghosts, spirits and the mysteries of other worlds, and you must have a high ability to connect events to each other to discover secrets that will surprise you a lot in the end.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 contains many interesting stages and you will be able to move to higher levels of suspense with each new stage and there are stages to come, the secrets are very many, and you only have to seek to discover them.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 contains terrifying wallpapers, lock screen horror images, and terrifying images that you can share with friends.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 contains a set of puzzles and questions about terrifying characters around the world to test your knowledge of terrifying characters and stories.

You have to be patient and work hard to get through the stages one by one. When you start helping Mary to get past a stage, you have to finish it completely. If you feel panic and fear or get busy with helping her, you will start the stage from the beginning time after time, so I work hard to finish the stage so that you can move to the next stage and not Imprisoned in a specific time stage of the stage.

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 Available in Arabic

Maryam Horror Game : Returnees 2021 is free and available on the Google Play Store

What are you waiting for download it now and live the experience and challenge your friends who will discover the secrets first.


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