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Casino Masino: Покер, Свара, Слотове и Рулетка

发行商: Masino Games
价格: 免费 支持应用内购买


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✨Enjoy the adventure of our FREE social casino games! Be the stars!✨

Casino Masino is more than just the usual social casino - we bring to you an impeccable experience by providing classic casino games like most exciting series of poker games, roulette, and slots games on a cutting-edge social platform. Earn daily bonuses, pass our challenges, send gifts, be VIP player, and keep in touch with players from all around the world!

What makes our social casino stand from the others?


✓ Texas Hold’em Poker;
✓ Svara (3-Card Poker);
✓ Slots;
✓ Roulette;

And more to come.


✓ REGISTRATION BONUS - Get your instant bonus after registration.
✓ LOGIN BONUS - Connect your social media to your Casino Masino profile to earn a login bonus.
✓ DAILY BONUSES - Claim your FREE bonus chips each day!
✓ BECOME PART OF A COMMUNITY - Track friends who you play games with, send them gifts, like their profiles.
✓ YOUR PROFILE - Customise your picture and your bio, as well as, online status, a gallery with your latest uploaded pictures. Save your progress on any device.
✓SOCIALIZE - Chat with your friends and players from around the world. Get to know people with the same interests as yours.
✓OUR CHALLENGES - Take the lead and conquer our daily challenges. Complete a challenge, earn your reward.
✓ LEADERBOARD - Follow your progress, check the leaders in the current ranking, climb up to the top!
✓ VIP STATUS - Get our special subscriptions. Gain access to a lot of amazing social benefits.
✓ CROSS-PLATFORM - Play your favourite games on any device.

Experience a free multiplayer casino and slot games, in responsive 3D environment, with HD graphics, providing you with an unique social experience.

• Texas Hold’em Poker - Play the most famous variation of Poker in the World! Play for free with a deck of 52 cards, with between 1 and 6 additional players. Easy to learn; Hard to Master! Start your card adventure now and prove that you are the best! Play Poker with friends now!

• Roulette - The Queen of the casino games! Our free roulette game combines everything that you might want in a quality casino experience. A timeless classic roulette wheel that proves to always test your luck.

• Slots - Casino Masino boasts more than 10 slot games with different themes and concepts to choose from. Test your luck and try winning by applying the right betting strategy. Slots are not just a combination of strategy and risk, but also, and most importantly, an infinite source of exciting entertainment. Play our slot machines now!

• Svara - Svara or Svarka is one of the most prominent card games in Bulgaria, popular as Seka in Russia. An absolute favourite of many casino players, she becomes a part of Casino Masino to make it a more exciting social casino. Are you ready for "blind betting", and are you going to "enter the Svara"? Experience the thrill of playing Svara now!

Immerse yourself in a Vegas-like, casino environment with Casino Masino! Whether you are an experienced casino player or a newbie, you can find a real, gaming pleasure. Become a part of a multilingual casino community of players, while learning new strategies for playing the games.


Casino Masino is constantly evolving! Stay tuned for more updates and versions of the social casino, where you will find new casino games, new features, which will help us provide the best online Casino experience ever.

Casino Masino is a free online game of chance and is explicitly intended for entertainment purposes only. It is not possible to win real money or real items/services/gifts or goods in kind by playing our slot machines or other games. The virtual currency used in this game (known as ‘Chips’) and can be purchased in the ‘Shop’ using real money. In-game rewards and/or in-game currencies’ cannot be exchanged for cash or be paid out in any form. The platform is exclusively intended for adult players, ages 18 and up.


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85 条评价

Интересно е, но последните няколко дни много забива, трябва да излизаш и пак да го стартираш и това може да ме откаже от него!


Сварата е супер, най накрая едно готино приложеное за свара




Не тръгва


Сварата е супер! Уникално приложение.


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