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Medieval Dynasty Guide

发行商: App StartUp Share
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Our guide to Medieval Dynasty is a collection of the most important information about the game and its mechanics. It explains all the aspects of survivalism and crafting. You will find tips on how to hunt, cultivate land, develop skills, increase your reputation, and perform quests.

The main part of our guide is dedicated to the Basics, where we describe in detail the main gameplay mechanics, such as crafting, hunting, and agriculture. In the Walkthrough section, you will find tips for the main story quests. The FAQ section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Medieval Dynasty, by Render Cube, is a sandbox survival game with RPG and city builder elements set in medieval times. You play an eighteen-year-old boy who arrives at his uncle's house. When it turns out your uncle is dead, you are left on your own. You need to take care of your reputation in the area, build a house, which can later become a settlement, and start a family to make your dynasty last.

The action is observed from a first-person perspective and we can move around the open world. The main places of interest are villages where you will find merchants selling various goods, people who can give you side quests, candidates for your future wife, and possibly future residents of your village. Around the villages, you will find animals, materials, and resources necessary for crafting. Survival mechanics are an important part of the game. The gameplay, and especially land cultivation, is influenced by dynamic seasons. The plot and character development lets you progress the chapters and main missions.

*** Quick tips for beginners ***

Here are some quick tips that should help you start your adventure in Medieval Dynasty. For more information, check out the Beginner's tips page.
1. Tools wear out during use. It's worth having two or three copies of the ones you need most in case they fall apart. Spears are most important for hunting.
2. Always keep have a few sticks and stones with you. They are useful for making basic tools such as a stone axe or knife.
3. Before skinning a hunted animal, take the spears or arrows out from it – otherwise, you will lose them forever.
4. You don't have to look for bridges, you can cross a river by walking in it, even during winter and low temperatures.
5. Make saves before hunting dangerous animals, especially bisons, wolves or wild boars. Saving is also useful when you try to steal or flirt – this will help you avoid lowering your reputation.
6. You can steal from other people's chests, as long as no one can see you. You lose reputation and get detected even when you look inside a chest located next to a sleeping person.
7. You can't sleep in other people's beds.
8. Sleeping in your hut restores health.
9. Flatbread is the cheapest and most filling food.
10. There is no fast travel in the game. But if you light a campfire near your house and sleep next to it, you will wake up in your bed.
11. Watch out for the weight of resources, especially logs. You will move very slowly if you put too much heavy stuff in your inventory.
12. Don't eat unripe berries and some of the mushrooms – you will get food poisoning.
13. Collect various resources and hunt using a spear (rabbits, boars, foxes) to develop skills. Some quests and chapters require you to reach a specific level.
14. Press H key to hide the user interface for more immersion.
15. You can speed up the time in the game. You can only sleep during nights from 7 pm to 7 am by a campfire or in your bed.


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Honestly it's a lot vids and pics that you can find by googling the game


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