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Giant Tiger

发行商: Giant Tiger
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The GT VIP app is an easy way to save even more money every time you shop at Giant Tiger stores. Get access to more deals across the whole store as well as contests and perks just for being a GT VIP!

• Load deals to save more on groceries, fashion and home essentials.
• Turn on your push notifications to receive exclusive details on upcoming offers.
• GT VIP card: Scan your stripes at the cash to get access to all your personalized deals.
• Weekly Flyer: Our weekly flyer at your fingertips.
• Store Locator: Find your nearest Giant Tiger location.
• Contests just for our VIP members.
• VIP Perks: even more deals, selected with our VIP members in mind.

Important Privacy Information

When you enroll in Giant Tiger's loyalty program, we may collect Personal Information from you in order to provide you with tailored offers, coupons, and other promotions based on your specified interests or purchases. Your Personal Information may be used to administer the loyalty program and related email lists, including keeping up-to-date contact information, and managing consents, opt-ins or opt-outs to receive communications from Giant Tiger, and perform analytics on an aggregate basis to provide better products at Giant Tiger stores and online for customers.

When you download and use this application, we may collect Personal Information and non-personal information about your current location; usage of the application, including offers viewed and opt-out preferences; and your device, including its unique identifier. Most devices allow you to disable location tracking; however, if you do so, you may not be able to use some or all features of the application.

Giant Tiger ensures the use of reasonable and appropriate privacy and security safeguards to protect your Personal Information.


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