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Boost Cleaner is a new app developed especially to move your phone to the next level! We will take care of your Android device and make it work faster. You will easily improve the performance of your device and clear cache. All the unnecessary files can be also deleted with the help of the separate cleaning function.

Our functions:
Cache clearing
Performance boosting
Cleaning up background processes
Cleaning up files
CPU cooling

Cache clearing
Clearing of cache files, which occupy the significant part of the phone storage, helps improve and boost the speed and performance of your device.

Performance boosting
Performance boosting function is aimed at cleaning up RAM by means of turning off background processes. As a result, your device works much faster and without any freezes.

Cleaning up background processes
This function is extremely important as these processes use RAM of your device, overheat it, run down the battery and influence the general performance and speed of the phone.

Cleaning up files
Our app sorts all the files of your system in descending order so that you can delete all the unnecessary ones (for instance, residual and temporary files, cache, old APK and other big files). Delete any types of the unnecessary files and increase the storage of your phone!

CPU cooling
Performance boosting and cleaning up background processes and cache will prevent CPU overheating. Thus, general performance of your device will also significantly improve.

Boost Cleaner improves the performance of your device, clears caches, cleans up the unnecessary files and boosts the speed of the phone. All these functions are available free of charge and without any ads! Download Boost Cleaner and level your device up with a single tap!

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