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Happy Hero is a dungeon-style RPG game with a different world as the background, adding light strategic combat and adventure elements.
There are six major races in the land of Terez: Terrans, Orcs, Elves, Undead, Demons, and Protoss.
You will recruit elites of various races and embark on adventures with other players.
It's not as simple as you think in the adventure of the land of Terez!
You have a team of your own, recruiting six elite races, and training heroes who can reverse their predicament, so that you can resist the unknown dark forces!
In addition, there is a dungeon shrouded in mist in the land of Terez; random events with various endings; precious mineral resources; a mysterious eternal tower; powerful dragons and war chess with strategy and luck. Wait, only one strong and determined warrior can reach the top of the the land of Terez!

*** Game Features ***

[1] Exquisite map

-The game map is colorful and has its own characteristics.

-The map of the main city uses layered technology, which is divided into long-range, medium-range and close-range.

--When running in the scene, the maps at different levels have different moving speeds, which feels very realistic.

[2] Super cute characters

-Nearly 100 super cute characters. Based on classics, but newly designed

[3] Passionate Fighting

--Personal skills designed for characters, release the unique trick while full of Rage

-Instantly interrupted combat operating system. Say goodbye to traditional brainless card games!

--There are various wartime states, then add fun to the battle!

[4] Flexible formation strategy

-Various skills such as single and overall strike

-Various partners such as meat shield, DPS, auxiliary, control, etc.

-Enriched your formations, bringing differentiated additional attributes

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