Turbo Car Mega Ramp Stunts GT Airborne: Nitro Race

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Forget everything you know about racing, boost up your sports car with nitro and feed your passion for speed car stunt adventure. Get into the car, hold the steering and take up the ultimate stunt challenge. Perform the crazy, thrilling and furious car stunts by playing Turbo Car Mega Ramp Stunts GT Airborne: Nitro Race on hard, challenging, dangerous and breathtaking tracks. So now it is time to ignite your luxurious car to show your skill to drive on impossible tracks and explore stunning 3D tracks.

In this Mega Ramp Stunt car game there are three modern stunt environment, awesome car smashing machines and mechanized techno based obstacles. Perform high jumps on colossal ramps using nitro; accelerate through tunnel fan; Slow down through deadly propellers; knock down and smash all types of obstacles. Nitro boosters, timer and check points are placed at various places to help you drive fast on impossible stunts roads. Use nitro to pass through the checkpoints and timer at lightning fast speed. Park your sports car perfectly like a pro without falling to complete the race.

Vehicles used in this impossible tracks game are genuinely real and branded with real physics of turning, braking and driving. Three stunning impossible tracks environment in which levels difficulty increased level by level and interest to user experience. Beware animated hurdles which suddenly comes and if you fall from the dangerous track then you will respawn at the last checkpoint you collected. You have to achieve all tasks perfectly to reach the finish line and park your stunt car there with accuracy as racing time is limited.

To improve your modern driving skills all you have to do is focus, stay on the same track and reach the destination before you run out of time. Drive a speeding racer vehicle and finish all the missions while performing stunts and passing through tunnels on breathtaking tracks in this Turbo Car Mega Ramp Stunts GT Airborne: Nitro Race. This impossible tracks stunt game keeps you playing and addicted for hours. Every track provides you with a real feeling of the scary drive path, curvy ramps, and impossible sky path obstacles. Accept the impossible challenge of dangerous driving on stunning breathtaking tracks.

Turbo Car Nitro Race Game Features:

🚗 Realistic Car Driving Simulation
🚗 Luxury Cars with real physics
🚗 Smooth Controls with Realistic views
🚗 Three Marvelous realistic Environments
🚗 Unique HD impossible stunt tracks and extreme hurdles to cross.
🚗 Challenging missions to test your GT racing expertise



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