Freshwater Fishing R.S.A -. Papgooi

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This is the NEW Freshwater Fishing R.S.A. Papgooi app

It contain NO-ADS - Paid version

The changes made, were the following:
1. Cosmetic interface changes - app size drastically decreased.
2. More Locations.
3. Google Maps inclusion with Distance tracking, and
4. Sharing of location to friends within the Map View section.
5. Chat Wall - Telegram Chat Wall. Telegram account must first be created.
6. Buy & Sell Wall - Whatsapp only.
7. Fishing info section added with a lot of information
8. The main Bait Manufacturers were added with detailed description and referals.
9. Also added is the Online Shopping feature (External companies listed)
10. Facebook Page added
11. There is also a Blog Page
12. There is a Market Place with advertising reference on the top of the Main Page.

The basic questions that will be answered directly from this app is as follow:

Can I share my experiences with other anglers through this app- YES. Included in the app is the Telegram Chat Profile that will enable this sharing function, so YES!
Also included is a Buy & Sell Wall (also a Beta feature) through which you can buy and sell anything fishing related.
Fishing information:- anything from a nice Carp Fishing video to Specimen Carp fishing, Tips on tackling tricky venues, and much more!
Bait manufacturers with all their product content, tips, videos and much more!

Where can I go fishing in South Africa's 9 Provinces?
What are the names of the places where I can go fishing?
Where are the locations of the fishing spots?
Can I Phone the Location DIRECTLY from the app?
How do I use Google Maps to find the Location AND give the Distance to it from my Mobile's location.
How can I Share a specific Location to my friends?
What is the website for the fishing spots?
What will the Weather be at these fishing spots?
What bait can I use at these fishing spots?

The answer to ALL above is YES, YES, YES!

Please Review this app after installation on the Google Play Store. Also make use of the mediums included to submit ANY suggestions to the email included.

freshwater fish 釣り場情報 华谊 华谊兄弟 釣り場 fishing spots near me first fishing angling karpin


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