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Money Manager in Excel (pro)

发行商: pv org
价格: 3.99 USD


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Money slipping through your fingers like sand? Your personal or family budget is falling apart, and you don’t see how it can be fixed? With high salary, you can’t afford big purchases and can barely make ends meet? The problem often lies in the lack of accounting for income and expenses. This problem can be easily solved using the Money Manager app in Excel (Mofix).

We offer
∙ accounting of cash receipts, distribution of expenses by items,
∙ debt accounting,
∙ analysis of SMS and push notifications,
∙ transfers between user accounts, tracking bank transactions,
∙ financial calculator,
∙ synchronization with your devices via cloud storage services: Yandex Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive,
∙ various filters in the history of transactions and charting,
∙ custom transaction fields, and
∙ direct changes in Excel.

A convenient widget allows to quickly open the app for transactions. The dark mode will not let your eyes get tired of the long work. Displaying the balance of the bank cards on the desktop using the widget will help you always know the account status.

Deep analysis of transactions
The app does not just divide your budget into income and expenses. It is convenient to analyze expenses and arrange them using all the power of Excel. Due to careful processing, expenses can be optimized, and spontaneous purchases can be eliminated. Data can be exported to cloud storage synchronized with the app, while the web interface allows to change the contents of the spreadsheet. The diagrams reflect the money flow and help you will see what the largest amounts are spent on.

Accounting automation
Mofix allows to automate the accounting of finances as much as possible without missing a single expense or income. Data are entered into xlsx and xlsm file – both in Excel and similar apps – and transferred back to the device. Mofix analyzes notifications from financial institutions that are received to the phone and converts them into transactions for accounting. The app detects and takes into account the budget of expenses for your purchases. The categories of income and expenses are automatically determined based on the history of transactions.

Help to entrepreneurs
Mofix is household accounting suitable for operational accounting of finance of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Additional accounting and analysis are carried out in Excel.
The finance accounting app in Excel will teach you to allocate funds wisely! Entrust the app with control over expenses and financial notifications and retrieve the data in a convenient form! It is a multifunctional assistant in household accounting: a wide range of possibilities, ease of accounting for income and expenses, regular updates and software improvements – we offer our users all of these.


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