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Fleet Command II: Battleships & Naval Blitz

发行商: Movga Games
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Fleet Command II is a free real-time multiplayer strategy naval war game made by Movga Team after the acclaimed Fleet Command.

Experience the dangerous world of war with different unique warships that are elaborately designed based on real-life fleets in this innovative strategy game. Upgrade your warships and increase your power constantly to fight players across the world. With 5 kinds of warships and millions of fleet combinations, you are guaranteed to fit in different combat situations. Commander, the fate of the new world is in your hand!

-An recreation of WW2 battles
With ultra realistic graphics and accurate animation we bring you the unprecedented and vivid experience of WW2.

-Build your unique warships
There are 5 different types of warships and hundreds of fine accessories for you to customize your fleet. Want a state-of-art battleship? No problem! Need a powerful submarine? We’ve got it! Find your invincible fleet and destroy the invading enemies!

-Plan strategically before your battle
This is a game where your strategy does matter so plan your formation wisely before attacking. With smart tactics, you can even defeat enemies much stronger than you!

-PvE, PvP, GvG, multiple modes make the game more fun
Abyss Vanguard, Clash of the Sea, Ocean Expedition, Oil Well Battle… Enjoy multiple exciting and immersive gameplay in Fleet Command II!

-Find your battle friends in Legions
Fight with your Legion. Whether you are a lone wolf or a team player, you can find what you are looking for here!

Fleet Command II has detailed novice guides so even a freshman can easily navigate the game. Download now to feel the fierce heat of war and conquer the world!

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