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The perfect combination of volume enhancer for media sound and music online and offline, have you tried it?

With just one touch, the volume increasing app for music will help you boost volume on phone to enjoy volume higher, more vibrant music than ever before. Application not only increase volume on music but also be an online music player where you can listen to any favorite song, and you can become a DJ, adjust the volume with Equalizer sound booster.

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Features of the volume increaser for music app
- Increase sound volume of media, notifications, alarms
- Song player with equalizer & visualizer music
- Adjust the sound high volume of peripheral through Bluetooth connectivity
- Online Music with the world of unlimited music
- Volume control up down with 6 modes: custom, music, outdoors, sleep, meeting, silent
- Save the history of Bluetooth connected devices

With this volume loud application, you can enhance sound and enjoy true sound more than ever. You can also immerse yourself in cool music with the most convenient sound enhancer music player.

Download and experience the volume up down app now. And do not forget to recommend this unique app.

If you have any questions about the app, please leave a comment below. The development team respects your opinion in order to improve the product.

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