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umma - #1 Muslim Community & Lifestyle

发行商: umma
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umma, The most comprehensive and easy to use Muslim app, providing day-to-day needs of Muslims including accurate prayer schedule, Adhan notification, GPS-based Qibla finder, daily Duas, comprehensive Quran and Quran translation, Islamic calendar and Islamic contents. Through uClass as an e-learning platform for Muslims, umma provides a wide range of online courses from Quran lessons to other practical knowledge helping Muslims to become better Muslims, Inshallah.

Main features:

Quran (Free and No Ads)
-- Read Quran anytime anywhere without any interruptions from ads.
-- Read the Holy Quran with transliteration and translation in multiple languages (English, Bahasa, Malay, Français, Türkey, русский, हिंदी, বাঙালি, العربية, اردو]).
-- Listen to Quran recital audio corresponding to Arabic text
-- Color-coded Tajweed markings to help with proper recitation
-- Quran display style options
-- Search feature to look up specific Surah / Juz / topic in the Quran
-- Bookmark to save last read position
-- Mark verses as Favourite to collect all favourite verses in a single tab for easy reference
-- Discover topics in Quran relevant to various events in daily lives

Prayer Times & Adhan
-- Accurate prayer and Imsak schedule based on user’s location
-- Countdown to next prayer time
-- Real-time Adhan notification with audio to indicate prayer times

Qibla Finder
-- GPS-based Qibla finder for accurate prayer direction based on the user's location.

Live Streaming and Q&As
-- View live sermons, discussions and other knowledge-sharing sessions by Ustazs and other experts in day-to-day lifestyle topics
-- Live Q&As with Ustazs and other experts in various topics

-- New in 2020, uClass is an e-learning feature introduced by umma to facilitate online classes in various topics provided by experts and practitioners including Ustazs to fulfill needs such as Quran lessons, interest-specific topics and practical know-hows helping Muslims become better Muslims
-- uClass offers structured learning programs and curricula to allow umma users to gain comprehensive learning on topics of their interest in a single platform.
-- Through uClass, umma provides easy-to-use tools for Ustazs and subject matter experts to manage online classes and to promote their courses to the millions of users in the umma app

Muslim Social Media and Daily Contents
-- Discover a wide variety of Islamic contents such as articles, sermon videos, Quran quotes and Q&As with Ustazs
-- Daily trending contents to keep you up-to-date on issues relevant to daily lives
-- Establish yourself as a Muslim content creator by sharing your favourite and inspiring contents to millions of umma users through the app’s social media feature which allows users to upload images, articles and videos on daily basis
-- Build follower base and widen your reach and exposure by posting meaningful contents daily and actively engaging with fellow umma users through features such as live streaming, Q&A and do-it-yourself (DIY) tool to create images containing verses from the Quran
-- Interact with Ustazs and other users by following their profile in the app
-- Spread kindness through contents and help others become better Muslim individuals each day

Download now for your chance to become the best Muslim, Inshallah


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