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My Jump 2: Measure your jump

发行商: Carlos Balsalobre
价格: 12.21 USD


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*****Designed by sport scientists, used by professional athletes all over the world*****

***The only app which calculates the force-velocity profile using the groundbreaking Samozino’s method***

My Jump 2 is the first app scientifically developed to measure your jump height. With a great design and validated by sport scientists, My Jump 2 is as reliable as a 10000$ force platform. Scientifically probed!


My Jump 2 gives you advanced information of your jumps using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Just record a jump, select accurately its take off and landing and lets My Jump 2 do its magic. My Jump 2 calculates the height, flight time, velocity, force and power of your vertical jumps. Also, it gives you the contact time, vertical stiffness and reactive strength index (RSI) of your Drop Jumps. Moreover, it allows you to calculate your Force-Velocity profile using Samozino's method. Complete analysis of your jumps right on your hand!


• Accurate measurement of your vertical jumps. Scientifically demonstrated!
• Calculate the force-velocity profile using the groundbreaking Samozino’s method. You can know your maximal theoretical force, velocity, power and how far you are from your optimal capabilities! You can even get information about which quality (force or velocity) you should work to increase your explosive performance.
• Record videos or import as much as you like from your camera roll.
• Different jump types: countermovement jump (CMJ), squat jump (SJ), drop jump (DJ) and CMJ free arms allowed!
• Annotate the external load used (CMJ & SJ) or the height of the box (DJ) to organize your best performances in different categories.
• Multi-user. My Jump 2 allows you to create as many users as you want. Monitor all your team on your device!
• History. Record as many jumps as you want for each user created. With My Jump 2 you can analyze the evolution of your performance during time. You can even observe exactly how much you have improved!
• Export your data to Excel, Google Drive and more!
• Share your jumps on your favorite social networks
• Beautiful, intuitive design.

Note: My Jump 2 was scientifically validated using devices with slow motion videos, to get the most accurate results. On other older devices, the measurements are less accurate, but still reliable.



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109 条评价

Very useful data collection for athletes working on improving on court performance. I had an issue with the app crashing when I first tried to use it with a Pixel 3A, so I emailed the developer. He got back to me right away and his suggestion worked.


App doesn't let me upload videos taken in slow motion by my phone (Pixel 3XL) only photos. Since the app doesn't let you take video in slow motion within any of the different jump profiles either, the app is useless. This needs to be addressed asap. They should not be charging people $10 for an app that doesn't allow the primary basic functions of taking video in slow motion within the app or being able to upload them, as the whole purpose of the app rests on these two abilities.


A little glitchy but by far the best jump app out there!!


Hi, I love the app but it won't let me select videos that have been pre-recorded, (it only lets me select photos, which is pointless). This is a problem because I can't record in slow motion while in the app.


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