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Welcome and thank you for choosing Radio South Africa by myFree Radio, the radio & podcast player for Android that you can truly rely on. We are dedicated to bringing you over 200 South African radio stations, popular podcasts and much more in one easy-to-use application and the best news of it all is that it is FREE!.

Radio South Africa Features

Download Radio South Africa today and join thousands of users from all over the world, who are enjoying the following great features:

📻 Stream over 200 South African radio stations.
🎙️ Follow popular local & international podcasts.
🎧 Listen to live radio with or without headsets.
✈️ Enjoy all SA radio stations from anywhere.
🎵🆔 See track, album & artist info of playing song.
❤️ Bookmark your favorite radio stations.
🔎 Use built-in search to quickly find radio stations.
💌 Share what you're listening to with your friends.
⏱️ set a sleep-timer to save battery & data.
📱 Use other apps while listening to radio in the background.

Featured SA radio stations

Radio South Africa is very robust and features over 200 South African radio stations. These includes all the popular and no-popular South African radio stations that have online-radio streaming support.

Below is a list of some of the active South African radio stations that you can stream & enjoy via the app:

SABC radio stations

With the Radio South Africa app, you can listen to all your favorite SABC radio stations and much more from a compatible Android device. Below are some of the popular SABC radio stations that are featured on the Radio South Africa app:

• Ligwalagwala FM
• Lesedi FM
• Lotus FM
• Phalaphala FM
• SAfm
• Thobela FM
• Ukhozi FM
• tru FM
• Metro FM
• Motsweding FM
• Munghana Lonene FM
• iKwekwezi FM
• Good Hope FM

Other featured SA radio stations

Besides being able to stream and listen to all the SABC radio stations, the Radio South Africa app also lets you stream hundreds of other popular and some non-popular South African radio stations that do not operate under SABC Radio. Below are some of the other popular South African radio stations featured on the app.

• Jacaranda FM
• 947
• 99.2 YFM
• Algoa FM
• 100.1 7441 FM AFRO FUSION
• CapeTalk
• Cape Vibe FM
• Capricorn FM
• Classic FM 102.7
• East Coast Radio (ECR)
• Gagasi FM
• Heart 104.9 FM
• Kaya FM 95.9
• Kfm 94.5
• Power FM
• Radio 702
• Radiokansel / Radio Pulpit
• Radio Overberg 101.8fm
• Red Diamond World Radio
• Radio 573
• Riovic FM
• North West FM
• Radio Kuber Kontrei
• Smile 90.4FM
• Cybatar Tunes
• The Grind Radio
• Red Diamond FM
• Ubuthebe FM LIVE
• Vuma 103 FM
• Plus many more other great South African radio stations.

User Feedback

The myFree Radio Team designed and developed the Radio South Africa app so that you can stream & enjoy your favorite South African radio stations from anywhere in the world, as long as you've got an active internet connection, as well as a compatible Android device.

With that been said, we would love to hear from you. So, whether the app meets or exceeds your expectations or whether it doesn't, your feedback in the form of a rating and or review will be highly appreciated, as this will not only help us in releasing improved future versions of the app, but it will also enable other valuable Google Play users like yourself to make better and more informed decisions when in need of a reliable South African radio stations app.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us via email: (SPAM will be ignored) and one of our friendly staff members will get back to you with the relevant feedback ASAP.

We hope that you will find all to be in order and that you will enjoy the using the app, as well as look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,
myFree Radio Team



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