Dungeon and Goddess: Hero Collecting RPG

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“HERO, Become a GOD”

The world is in danger. Be the one to save the world from its danger. DUNGEON & GODDESS is full of Hero collecting and exciting RPG battles. Download the game now and embark on a new journey to meet your own Hero. Take your own unique hero into your hands and raise it to be the strongest.

Gather various Heroes check out its stunning visuals. Enjoy the eye-catching action graphics composed of colorful spine animations. The moment you begin playing, you will be mesmerized by its amount of contents and never feel bored in this exciting RPG world!

Key Features:

1. The Ultimate Hero Collecting RPG

DUNGEON & GODDESS invites you to a fantasy world full of Gods and Heroes. You can choose your Heroes, enhance them, and challenge yourself to fight the strongest monsters. The rage-filled powerful Fallen Angels will constantly put your abilities to test.
Collect the Heroes one by one to complete the strongest deck composed of your own chosen Heroes. The more Heroes you own, the more strategic upper hand you gain in duels.

2. Charming High Quality Illustrations & Graphics

Enjoy the high-quality illustrations and dive into a beautiful universe where each character has their own charm. You will find your match for sure!
When entering a battle, the characters will show their dynamic movements, whether they spread their wings or wield a sword, and they also feature spectacular spine animations while displaying their attacking skills. Check out the spectacular scene right now!

3. Challenging Boss Raids

Explore the dungeons, where you can test your hero’s strength. Powerful beasts and Falling Angels are waiting for your challenge.
In order to survive their powerful assault, you need to enhance your Heroes and devise a strategy to knock the monsters down. Overcoming trial-and-error is key to victory. Boss monsters may defeat you easily at first, but once you set up the right strategy, saving the world from its end won’t be so much of a hassle.

4. Strategy-based Gameplay

Besides collecting Heroes, you can also create your own team of Heroes. The number of Heroes you can place on your deck is limited. You must figure out the ones that fit perfectly with your strategy and arrange your deck accordingly.
Water, Fire, Wind, Electricity. Heroes have different attributes according to the type they belong. Look out for each Heroes’ type to best carry out your own strategy. Remember, careful consideration for each Heroes will lead you to victory.

For more information on the Hero Collecting RPG DUNGEON & GODDESS, please visit:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DungeonGoddess-508696063203980



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