Nanak Time

发行商: Akaash Singh and Baani Kaur's Mom
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Nanak Time is dedicated to anyone who wants to live a beautiful and purposeful life.

Inspired from the Mool Mantar composed by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, this app explores universal concepts such as Oneness, Truthful Living and living Without Fear and Hate. Specifically created to work around your busy lifestyle, the app allows you to:

* Explore the 9 Gems of Mool Mantar by listening to short Audio Lessons and Guided Meditations
* Apply the essence of the Gems to your daily life with simple-to-follow guides and hands-on exercises
*Journal your thoughts and experiences
* Use the reminders to keep you on track to complete your lessons
* Enjoy the ripple effect of the simple exercises designed to impact the community around you

Guru Nanak Dev Ji was the first of ten Sikh Guru’s and was born in 1469. He composed many sublime poems through a lifetime of traveling the globe and sharing his enlightened message of Ek Onkar, Oneness. The Mool Mantar is said to be the first composition uttered by Guru Nanak Dev Ji upon enlightenment at the age of about 30. The word "Mool" means main or root and "Mantar" means chant or verse. Together the words "Mool Mantar" mean the "Main chant" or "root verse"

The Mool Mantar is regarded by many as the thesis of his work. Often described as just a summary of the Divine, the Mool Mantar is actually considered to define and carry a deep implication for human existence.

Each of the 9 words (Gems) encompass a truly global concept of habits, traits and mindset we should aim to achieve.

By explaining the theories and suggesting practical ways to integrate each of the concepts into your daily life, Nanak Time intends to get you started on this journey of discovery and self-reflection..



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