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Fake Sync Pro

发行商: Glitched App
价格: 2.99 USD


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Fake Sync Pro allows you to log your walking data to Fit so that popular apps will give you your hard-earned credit without Ads!

Log steps accurately and receive your due credits with the ultimate step logging app. Never let a step counter or pedometer for walking ruin your day just because you forgot to turn it on. Manually Sync data easily and add walking steps with this amazing step logging app. Try Fake Sync Pro to keep your step counter Google fit updated!

Log steps to Google Fit

Would you like to keep your Google Fit record updated? No need to rely on just the steps counter by Fit or any other pedometer for walking as you can manually log in your steps in to the step counter Google Fit.

Receive the credit you deserve

Has this ever happened to you – you went out for a walk and realized you forgot to turn on the steps counter or pedometer for walking? Seems quite unfortunate, doesn't it? But with Fake Sync Pro, everything is made easier. Add your walking data on your own and never miss a chance to redeem rewards from walking rewards apps.

Steer clear of misfortune

No matter what kind of reward based popular apps you are using to get your credits, you do not have to fear losing anything with manual data sync. Log steps easily without using a pedometer for steps as this app allows you to add walking steps on your own.

Update your progress daily

Add walking steps manually to update your Google Fit progress daily. Simply enter the duration and speed of walking and the app will automatically update your progress on Google Fit with one touch.

Accurate tracking of steps

Fake Sync Pro offers you another chance at accurate tracking of steps. You can now have full control of logging your daily steps.

How to use Fake Sync Pro:

•Download and launch the app
•Pick walking duration and speeds
•One touch to log steps into Google Fit
•Redeem steps based credits from different apps
•Use everyday and enjoy!

Features of Fake Sync App:

•Simple and easy UI
•No Ads
•Sophisticated layout with minimal controls clutter
•Single tap logging in of steps
•Fake Sync on Google Fit step counter
•Enter speed and duration of walking to get it on Google fit
•Maximize your chances of winning walking based app rewards
•Interactive controls and quick app settings
•Single tap entry of statistics with smooth results
•Responsive app design aimed for better user experience
•Record steps with a single tap on your screen
•Log in and log out at any time you want

Welcome a manual step logger in your life to get your hard-earned credits from popular apps. Download and use the innovative Fake Sync Pro today!


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38 条评价

Love this app works 99%of the time was a beta tester from the beginning simple but effective . could not find free version again but we'll worth the money *****👍👍


Does what it says. Worth the $


It works just as advertised I use it to fake my step count for health class


Works well, but limited amount of walking distance allowed at a time, it only records up to 4 hours and id rather watch 2 ads on a different app and not have to worry for 12 hours. Ok app, but sucks it doesn't work longer especially for a paid app.


Works with google fit and as a result stride kick


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