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Class 11 English Guide Book

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Class 11 English Guide 2078 Book is free and digital guide App for NEB Grade 11 Students. This App contain All chapter solution which is based on the class 11 english new Curriculum.By using this App students can learn and read Language Development Section and Literature Section as well as Students can learn English Grammar and Writing.
This App is totally free so that all students can read Class 11English Guide book and able to secure gods marks in English Exams.

Some Feature of this App.
-Easy to use.
-Students can download Notes for offline Reading.

In this you will find following Book Chapters::
Language Development

1. Education and Humanity
2. Communication
3. Media and Society
4. History and Culture
5. Life and Love
6. Health and Exercise
7. Ecology and Development
8. Humor and Satire
9. Democracy and Human Rights
10. Home Life and Family Relationship
11. Arts and Creation
12. Fantasy
13. Career aand Entrepreneurship
14. Power and Politics
15. War and Peace
16. Critical Thinking
17. Globalization and Diaspora
18. Immigration and Identity
19. Travel and Tourism
20. Science and Technology


Short Stories
1. The Selfish Giant
2. The Oval Portrait
3. God Sees the Truth but Waits
4. The Wish
5. Civil Peace
6. Two Little Soldiers
7. An Astrologer’s Day

1. Corona Says
2. A Red, Red Rose
3. All the World's a Stage
4. Who are you, little i?
5. The Gift in Wartime

1. Sharing Tradition
2. How to Live Before You Die
3. What I Require from Life
4. What is Poverty?
5. Scientific Research is a Token of Humankind’s Survival

One Act Plays
1. Trifles
2. A Sunny Morning
3. Refund

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