Powerballs: Treasure hunt

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Powerballs: Treasure hunt - arcade game with puzzle elements


In a land far, far away in the east beyond the high mountains and blue hills in a dwarfs realm extends the treasure caves…
These caves are so deep that no ray of sunshine reaches there. In the center of each cave the magic column rises and the one who can cope with the power that is hidden in the column will find unthinkable treasures ...

Game play:

The player sees a luminous column in front of him. Balls with different colors rotates on the side surface the column. The main gameplay is to shoot the column balls with cannonball of relevant color. If the colors matches the ball is charging. Once all the balls are charged, the player can proceed to the next level.
At each level, the player gets a certain number of cannonballs. One for each ball. Also for one gaming session (till complete losing) several additional cannonballs are given. If player spend additional cannonballs they will be restored after some period of time.
By hitting the balls, the player gets points for the leaderboard and experience to raise the player level. Also, the player may receive gold or gems from some balls.
When player hit in an already charged ball, it is discharged. When hit in a ball whose color does not match the color of the cannonball, the player loses the cannonball. If the last additional cannonball is spent, the game starts from the first level. Accumulated gems, gold and experience are not lost.
The player can combine gems and set them in active slots. By combining various gems in active slots, the player must find a combination of them that will make it possible to simplify the gameplay at the current level as much as possible and score maximum points for the leaderboard


• Unique gameplay
• Simple but colorful 3d graphics
• The ability to continue the game on another device with the same Google Play account
• Free to play
• Available for many phones and tablets
• Suitable for the whole family and almost any age.


Game use google play services and if you have problem with connection try to do this

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