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Welcome to Sri Lanka’s most trustworthy online marriage proposal platform designed and developed for Sri Lankans who are seeking eligible Sri Lankan partners. Yugadivi is the perfect channel for busy Sri Lankan youth who are seeking to get married yet facing challenges in meeting and interacting with eligible partners due to the lack of time and opportunities presented. Yugadivi offers the platform for Sri Lankan proposal seekers to get connected with suitable matches and share ideas with one another. It is our mission that all our members will find their better-half and live a happy married life together.

Our service provides the channel for you to securely connect with your Best Matches and to view their personal information. Taking the privacy of our members into heart, Yugadivi only allows the phone numbers to be visible on request and members can make their profiles pictures private. Inbuilt Share Profile feature gives the opportunity for members to share their information with a potential marriageable partner.

We value our users’ privacy and understand the importance of creating and maintaining a secure platform for our members – that's why we verify each profile before granting access to use our system. A member can always Block, Remove and Report any suspicious/fake profile, which we will investigate immediately. Our advanced algorithm matches your profile details and your Partner Preferences and presents you the accounts that perfectly match with yours and you are also given the authority and control of your profile visibility.

Why use the Yugadivi?


Yugadivi online marriage proposal platform is designed taking into consideration the Sri Lankan culture and values when it comes to marriage. People with Sri Lankan roots, but citizens of other countries who are searching for a Sri Lankan bride / groom can also get registered in the system.


We value your privacy and understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information. Therefore, we have taken measures such as to keep your profile photo private by default (which you can decide to make public) and your phone number is shared only with your Connections to whom you have given the consent.


We at Yugadivi.com make our best efforts to verify the profiles being created via NIC / Passport, mobile number and email verification(s). However, due to the nature of our service not all given personal information can be verified. We have given our users the opportunity to report suspicious / fake accounts. All profiles proven to be fake or accounts with inaccurate information will be deleted / not be approved to use our service.


We are transparent in our pricing and payments received from our members. All our members receive e-receipts to their accounts, and they are given direct access to view the details of their recent payments.


Your profile is only visible to members who are matching with your criteria given to the system. You can edit and change the profile visibility and choose to which categories your profile should be suggested as a matching profile. By editing your Partner Preferences, you can change the suggested list of Best Matches and similarly control to whom your profile is shown. You can also control the types of notifications you are receiving and the frequency of receiving such notifications while using the App.


You can claim the Asset Verified badge and make Connections with other Asset Verified accounts. With Asset Verification we guarantee that the asset information given by the marriage seeker is true and accurate.

We love to hear from you! Please send us your feedback at support@yugadivi.com

Visit our website www.yugadivi.com for more info



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