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Prank Life - Relieve stress with a funny boy game!

发行商: New Story Inc.
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Welcome to Prank Life!

You are an energetic boy who lives in a certain city. You are very mischievous and try various things every day!
However, mischief should never be caught.
Let's secretly and carefully set up a prank on the people in the city!
When the mischief is successful, you will find it fun enough to start dancing!

The person you play pranks on is always a fixed friend! Play pranks on your friends to relieve stress!

This game allows you to challenge many mischievous themed mini-games.
Let's relieve stress by having a lot of mischievous experiences in the game that will make you really angry in reality!
There are many types of mini games, and there will be more and more different games in the future, so please look forward to it!

Let me introduce some of the mini games available!

If you clear the mini game and succeed in mischief, you will receive coins as a reward!
Use coins to upgrade your room more and more luxuriously. At first there is no furniture, but you can buy a sofa or rug! Can you upgrade everything?

◆ Digging pits and trapping your friends!
You are trying to sneak into the yard of your friend's house.
Digging pitfalls in your friend's yard and be amazed! Put a cactus in the pit! How do your friends react?

◆ Let's make cute graffiti on the car so as not to get caught!
A car that looks like a luxury car is parked! You just have a spray!
The owner is crazy about the phone but sometimes looks back!
If you think you're going to look back, stop graffiti and hide in the shadow of the car!
Let's scribble a lot with a spray so that the owner will not find it!

◆ Let's eat ice cream with spiders!
There are three delicious ice creams in front of you.
Add a spider to your friend's ice cream and be amazed!
However, I didn't know which ice cream I was mischievous with. Can you remember it well?
Don't forget which is the ice cream with the spider!

◆ Let's repaint the chair colorfully!
There is a chair in such a place!
Let's paint the chair colorfully with paint!
If you spend too much time on pranks for a long time, someone may find you!
Let's complete the mischief as quickly as possible!
This one is more fashionable, so it's great!

◆ Mischief has come out! Let's run away from the chasing people!
Finally, a mischief has been found by the people in the city!
This mini-game is a running game where you run away from angry chasing people.
If you hit an obstacle, the speed will slow down.
Avoid obstacles and run hard so you can't catch up!

◆ Cut the board and deliver the hero to the goal!
The boy is in trouble far away from the goal! Cut the board at his feet and guide him to the goal with your hands!
You can measure your IQ in this game! You can't clear this mini-game if your IQ isn't good enough!
Let's test the power of your brain!
◆ Let's escape from the house!
Your friends are angry with a lot of terrible pranks!
Can you escape so that your friends won't find you?
If you find one, you'll be caught and you don't know what to do in revenge for your mischief!
Let's get around well out of his sight! Can you clear this thrilling game? ??

◆ Charge your phone!
Your cell phone is about to run out of charge!
Let's use the charger of your friend's house without permission! He's stingy, so I'm sure he'll get angry if he gets caught!
However, if you can't use your mobile phone, you can't live without it!
Let's charge it and leave before it gets caught!

This game is very funny and simple! But you may need a high IQ to clear it! It's a game that also helps you train your brain! Let's release daily stress and relax!

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• Easy to figure out puzzle
• Friendly tips, all for free!
• No need to rush!
• Take your time and relax
• Short and simple game design to suit any age group
• Difficult problems can be skipped at any time

Let's play Prank Life!


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