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Yul-Hyul Kangho M: Ruler of the Land

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■ The Mega-hit K-Comic Series, Coming to You as a Mobile RPG!
The legendary K-comic, Yul-Hyul Kangho series, with over 6 million copies sold, is now available as a mobile RPG!
Dive into the action-packed side-scrolling wuxia mayhem with your favorite K-comic characters!
Battle in the fantasy wuxia realm and collect dozens of characters to fill out your roster!

■ Intuitive Combos and Chain Skills in Martial Arts!
- Create spectacular combos with only two buttons! Dish out skills with a simple side-swipe!
- Devise clever tactics that will turn the tide of the battle with your unique combos!

■ Immersive & Charismatic Companions
- Collect dozens of companions and help them grow into awe-inspiring martial gods!
- Tactically choose your party members for the 6 vs 6 all-out battles!.

■ Various Battles & Competitions
- Test your mettle against other players in 1 vs 1 PvP and the 6 vs 6 Party PvP!
- Gather clan members and build your power to establish the ultimate martial clan!.

■ Smartphone App Permission
This app requests access permission when in use to provide the services below.

Camera: required for photo and video recording uploads.
Photo: required for video storing, and photo and video recording uploads.
Game service is available without agreeing to the optional permission.

[!how!] - AOS
▶ Android 6.0 or higher: Settings > Apps > (Select App) > Permissions > (Select Permission) > Permission List > Agree to or Cancel Permission
▶ Lower than Android 6.0: Upgrade the OS to cancel permission or delete the app
※ The app may not provide a separate agreement option, but permission may be canceled via the method above.

▶ This game provides in-app premium item purchases. Additional fee may occur when you purchase in-app premium items.
▶ All information regarding the use of this game app may be viewed in the ACT5 mobile service Terms of Agreement and the ACT5 Private Information Use Policy.
Developer Contact Info:
3F, Bongeunsa-ro 64Gil 8, GangNam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (06153)


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