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Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition

发行商: Nomad Games
价格: 6.99 USD


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Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition is the digital adaptation of the much-loved board game, first published in 1987 by Games Workshop. Based on the 4th Edition of the game, this faithful adaptation allows you to re-experience this iconic game of gothic horror and deduction in a whole new way. If you’ve never played the original board game, you can see exactly why Fury of Dracula is considered a classic among the board game community!

Will you take on the role of Dracula as he increases his influence over Europe? Or will you and up to three friends take on the role of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Dr. John Seward, Lord Arthur Godalming, and Mina Harker as they attempt to stop him before his bloody plans bear fruit?

Feature List:
• Designed with care, our in-depth tutorials will walk you through everything you need to know to start your hunt.
• Based on the 4th Edition of the physical game, Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition recreates the iconic board game in its entirety.
• Choose from battling against the AI, teaming up with friends locally or taking the hunt global with online battles.
• Browse everything Fury of Dracula has to offer in our detailed library, including character, combat and event cards to prepare yourself.
• The artwork from the original board game bursts to life with beautiful and bloody animations for every single piece.
• A chilling soundtrack composed and created from the ground up for Fury of Dracula: Digital Edition, sure to send chills down your spine.


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27 条评价

Cant really rate it as it simply doesn't work for me, and according to Nomad Support it does not on ANY Android TV box which is heartbreaking as I love the board game. Surely the game deserves a big screen..


So fun just like the board game


It looks cool, but the choppiness of the game makes it nigh unplayable. Plus, it crashes every 10 mins. which boots me out of the game. Please fix and I'll rate it better.


Great fun playing against the AI! Just like the boardgame. Nice graphics and music too! After several plays can I suggest the developers work on the Hunter AIs? Right now they sometimes cluster too much. And often ignore discovered locations. Makes it a bit too easy for Dracula. I still have fun as Dracula by taunting them with attacks and then trying to escape before they can cluster on me!


Good app, been waiting for this one. Wish you could scroll the map around because some items are always hidden.


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