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Little Mermaid coloring book

This positive and bright coloring game is sure to please girls of preschool and primary school age. Fairy tales and cartoons about mermaids develop a rich imagination in children for many generations. Mermaids have many magical properties. Around them is a halo of mystery. They often become characters in fairy tales, legends and myths. Make any mermaid beautiful! You can change her hairstyle, makeup, eye color and tail color!

In the game you are waiting for:
• many cute fairy tale mermaids;
• ready-made and create color palettes;
• hundreds of funny stories and situations with mermaids;
• scenes from the life of marine inhabitants - fishes, dolphins, octopuses and jellyfish;
• treasures of the depths hidden on the ocean floor;
• creating your own unique color spectrum of pictures;
• You can enlarge the picture and colorize all the smallest details;
• The ability to share drawings with friends online.

Successful and especially liked drawings with mermaids you always can save to an album or set as the background of the main screen, and you can also share them with friends.

Coloring game with mermaids is interesting, simple and understandable to any child! You just need to select your favorite outline drawing and turn it into a fabulously bright, colorful picture with simple tools. Children immediately see the result of their creative efforts, and it pleases them very much.

Cartoon mermaids are drawn so that you can highlight parts of the body and select colors for them from the palette. Drawing in a game form will give your children many joyful minutes and hours.
Coloring book with mermaids gives room for children's imagination, takes you in magical underwater world, and also allows you to identify and develop creative child abilities at early age!

The application with mermaids may interest moms who have not forgotten their childhood!

Download the game on your smartphone or tablet, and your little princess will enthusiastically engage in coloring fairy-tale mermaids, not noticing how time is running, and also not distracting adults from their important affairs.



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