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Look Like is a fantastic app, it's easy to operate, just click on a photo or select a photo, then see a different one.

Main Features

【Celebrity Look like】
Have you ever ask yourself ' Which celebrity do I look like?' Now our advanced technology will show you a celebrity matches. See which celebrity looks similar to you and share your awesome result with your friends.

【Aging Camera】
Do you want to know in advance what you look like 30 years later and 40 years later? Aging Camera lets you see facial features as you get older.

【Gender Swap】
Are you often curious about how do you look like when you become a girl or a boy? With our app, you can see how you look at another gender.

【Baby Predictor】
What will your future baby look like? Will your baby be more like you or your lover? You can get the answer conveniently with the support of our advanced technology and you are able to share the result with your friends.

If you like our app, please share it with your friends and play together!

Please note that Look like app is that all the processing happens directly on your device so your photos are never sent to a server which respects your privacy.

【Privacy Policy】

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