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The goal of Whack Your Boss is fairly self explanatory. One plays as a worker, who is being lectured to by his sinister boss. The goal is to kill the boss using 24 different methods. Once the deed is complete, they can press the Cleaner button to restart the process. If the player hovers over the Panic Button, they will see several subtle hints, and the game will restart.

Whack Your Boss uses a simple, largely monochrome style. The only exception is the blood that comes from the boss, which is a bright red that strongly contrasts with the rest of the game. Each of the murder methods has its own animations and epilogues. The game starts with a long, voice acted lecture about your lack of value and the evil system that he is a part of. A variety of sound effects are used when murdering the boss, and sound effects and music from several video games are also used.

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this game is the same as whack your ex , whack your computer created by Tom Winkler

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*this app is just a guide for whack your boss .
*whack your boss is not the official app, is only a informational application to help people to know all about whack your boss

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