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d Point Club

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・ Features of d point club app
See your available points in real-time through the d Point Club app. Get special discount coupons, and free-entry to our special campaigns to gain bonus points and exclusive treats. You can also use this app as your d point card to exchange points as cash at partner stores.

■ Main function
・ Point information
・ d point card
・ Coupon
・ Campaign
・ Information on local deals and offers
・ Questionnaire

・ Stores to collect and use d points as cash at the following partner establishments
Lawson, Lawson Store 100, FamilyMart, McDonald’s, MOS Burger, Sukiya, Mister Donut, Doutor Coffee, Excelsior Cafe, St. Marc Cafe, Gusto, Bamiyan, Kappa Sushi, Matsumotokiyoshi, Tokyu Hands, Tower Records, Big Echo Karaoke, and more !

※ As of 2020.05.01
※ Planning to expand the number of partner stores and services to redeem points

・ Stores where coupons can be used
Lawson, Lawson Store 100, Doutor Coffee, Excelsior Café, Lotteria, Gyu-Kaku, Shabu Shabu On-Yasai, Gusto, Jonathan’s, Bamiyan, Kappa Sushi, Pizza Hut, Tower Records, Aeon Cinema, Big Echo Karaoke, and more !

※ As of 2020.05.01
※ Planning to expand the number of partner stores and services to redeem coupons

・ Information about local deals and offers
Allows the d Point Club app to access your location to deliver a real-time update on local deals and offers.
★You can still receive these information even when you are not currently using the app, by allowing the d Point Club app to access your background location.

・ Stage perks
■ Platinum coupons (limited for Platinum stage members)
Get a chance to get exclusive treats such as accommodation tickets for Onsen ryokans and hotels, lunch at hotel and restaurants or movie tickets by winning the free-entry lottery.

■ Special coupons (limited for 4th or Platinum stage members)
Get special discounts and benefits such as being able to buy tickets for zoo, aquarium, movie and sports clubs at a discounted price

・ Important notices for app users
■ d Point Club members can use the app
■ All the special campaigns within the app is all planned and operated by NTT Docomo
■ Please be aware that data communication charges overseas has a different billing system compared to Japan


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