Goblin - ตำนานจอมปีศ

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In the journey to the evil world, they would meet a lot of barriers and fight to pass the obstacles. Learn about the new worlds, monsters from fantasy legendary folklores from around the world, some you have never even heard of.

Combine and form the teams of gods, fairies, ghosts and monsters.
Train the Yokais to be the number ONE team in the evil world.
Discover new lands to find new armaments and upgrade them to become god weapons, god armors and the best accessories.
Learn new skills and fighting abilities.

Game features and systems
1. Discover new maps, cities and stages, meet vicious monsters and Bosses, uncover treasures: armaments, weapons, armors and accessories.
2. Try the new auto-chess fighting, enjoy the trendy battle style with fast speed battles that last no more than 2 minutes.
3. Relish in the mesmerizing Chinese ink-style graphics.
4. Enjoy the imaginative stories from legends and folk tales around the world.
5. Get excited with various character designs of the Yokais from legends and folk tales around the world. With over 100 characters of fancy, gorgeous, elegant and cute Yokais from famous folk tales. Collect different Yokais skills for the gods, fairies, ghosts and monsters. Challenge your creative Yokai team.
6. Various game systems
a. Explore maps
b. PVP
c. World Boss
d. YOKAI Conquer
e. The Tower 99

Terms of Use and Privacy Policies
Terms of Use : http://www.nuevo-digital.com/26381212092678127454.html
Privacy Policies : http://www.nuevo-digital.com/2638122092678127454.html
Official Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/GoblinmobileTH/
Customer Service Team : https://www.facebook.com/GoblinmobileTH/inbox/

Game consists of
- Top up system and the shop and merchant system where players can buy virtual game money using actual money via provided payment channels by the publisher. For more information: https://www.facebook.com/GoblinmobileTH/
- This game allows you to connect with the player’s social media, and is suitable for 13 years and above.
- This game has links to your internet browser.


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